Notes > News > PAT ROBBINS WINS GUCR2010

by Dick Kearn


Pat Robbins has defended his title, and equalled his own record set last year, crossing the Finish line at Little Venice in a time of 26hrs and 24 minutes. Mimi Anderson smashed the ladies record to finish in 28hrs and 12mins.(Click title to view Result.) The winner of the Steve Phillips "Run For Life" Trophy for the first first-time GUCR runner to finish, was Robert Treadwell.

GUCR10 Provisional Result:

1st Pat Robbins (Zoom Tri Club) 26hrs 24mins
2nd Jon Kinder (Rolls Royce) 27hrs 41mins
3rd Mimi Anderson (TRA) 28hrs 12mins
4th Robert Treadwell (Headington RR) 28hrs 41mins
5th Stuart Gillet 29hrs 49mins
6th Adam Versteeg 31hrs 33mins
7th Philip Smith (City of Salisbury) 32hrs 01min
8th Colin Searle 32hrs 37mins
9th Emily Gelder (Dulwich Runners) 34hrs 16mins
10th Alan Rumbles 34hrs 42mins
11th Stefan Lindvall (Slovikingarna) 34hrs 53mins
12th Steve Gordon (TRA) 35hrs 24mins
13th Krister Lind (Borlanger LK) 35hrs 47mins
14th Derek Ivens(Stockport Harriers) 35hrs 48mins
15th Ernie Jewson (Benfleet RC) 35hrs 57mins
16th Peter Cusick (Chippenham H) 36hrs 35mins
17th Jackson Griffith (RRC) 36hrs 38mins
18th John Poole (Thanet RR) 37hrs 05mins
19th Ian Morris 37hrs 36mins
20th Stephen Woodus (Alchester RC) 38hrs 24mins
21st Peter Johnson (TRA) 38hrs 34mins
22nd Ian Holmes (Gillingham Trotters) 38hrs 58mins
23rd Andy Ives (Army) 38hrs 59mins
24th Chris Webb (Saddleworth) 39hrs 18mins
25th Gary Barnes (Riverside Runners)39hrs 24mins
26th Glen Keegan (Herne Hill H.) 39hrs 52mins
27th Howard White 40hrs 16mins
28th Martin Ilott (DEFRA AC) 40hrs 44mins
29th Anna Fi nn (Vegan Runners) 41hrs 05mins
30th Mick Entwhistle (Riverside R.) 41hrs 59mins
31st May-Britt Hansen 42hrs 09mins
31= Vinnie Purdy (N Norfolk Beach)42hrs 09mins
33rd Paul Mulholland 42hrs 30mins
34th Robert Carr (Sevenoaks AC) 42hrs 46mins
35th Brian New 43hrs 09mins
36th Rajeev Patel 43hrs 22mins
37th Steve Oakley 43hrs 37mins
38th Christine Schroeder (100 Mara)43hrs 39mins
38= Christian Hottas (100 Mara) 43hrs 39mins
40th Paul Ali 43hrs 46mins
40= Paul Stout 43hrs 46mins
42nd Ellen Wold (Romerike Ultra) 43hrs 58mins
42= Dave Baker 43hrs 58mins
44th Geir Frykholm (Saetre IF) 43hrs 59mins
44= Stefan Olsson 43hrs 59mins