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Latest news and information from the organisers

Calling all past and present competitors and helpers. You are invited to a Reunion Party to celebrate the 25th running of the race, in Birmingham, on 27th April this year. Click the blue header for details. 01/11/2018 - This site is now old news!
As of 1st November 2018, for all things GUCR (as well as KACR and LLCR) please go to - How to Enter, Results and History are all available there. 30/08/2018 - 2019 Canalrace Entries now Open
SiEntries is now accepting entries for the 2019 GUCR 145 Birmingham - London 25th Anniversary Edition, KACR 145 Bristol - London 3rd Edition and LLCR 130 Liverpool - Leeds 6th Edition. [Updated 27th September] 29/08/2018 - Canalslam 2018 Results
Nine runners completed all three Canalrace events to complete the 'Canalslam'. Stu Wilkie takes the 2018 title and Fiona becomes the first ever female finisher. 29/08/2018 - LLCR 2018 Results
After a race-long duel with Alex, Stu stormed in to take his first CanalRace win and the Canalslam top slot. Wendy set her second course record of the season with her win. Fiona became our only Female Slammer. Congratulations to all finishers. 31/07/2018 - KACR 2018 Results
Fabio Rizzo Cascio wins in 28h 49m and Wendy Shaw becomes the new ladies record holder, finishing in 32h 46m 01/07/2018 - 2019 Canalrace Series Dates
The dates are set for the 2019 GUCR 145 Birmingham - London 25th Anniversary Edition, KACR 145 Bristol - London 3rd Edition and LLCR 130 Liverpool - Leeds 6th Edition 27/05/2018 - GUCR 2018 Provisional Results
After a lightning start, Paul Maskell maintained his lead all the way to the finish with a winning time of 25h 35m 26/05/2018 - GUCR 2018 Retirements
98 runners made it to the Start at Gas Street on Saturday morning. However, the following will not, unfortunately, be making it to the Finish: 23/03/2018 - LLCR 2018 Provisional Entry List
Below is the provisional list of runners for the 5th Leeds & Liverpool Canal 130 mile Race, Summer Bank Holiday weekend, starting at 06:00 on Saturday 25th August 2018 from Old Hall St, Liverpool. Best wishes (on behalf of Dick), Keith. p.s places still available!

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Official reports

The official race reports from the organisers

2007 Race Story
The official report of the 2007 GUCR
2006 Race Story
The official report of the 2006 GUCR
The 2005 Race Story
The official report of the 2005 GUCR

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Competitor reports

Race reports from competitors

Tim's 2007 Race Report
2007 Winner Tim Holsgrove's Report
Jason's Story
The GUCR 145 2007 – A Tale of Three People and a Van
Mat's 2006 Video
Mat Dowle's 2006 video diary of the race

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Tips from the organisers and past competitors

Vicky's Advice
Vicky Skelton, the ladies record holder, gives details of her training.
Training advice from Dick
Some brief training notes from Dick

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The race

Tips from the organisers and past competitors

Sue Clements's advice
Sue Clements shares some of the things she has found out through (often painful) experience.
Random Thoughts from Dick
Even more random thoughts - this time from me, Dick.
More Random Thoughts
Mark finished again in 2004 and has since offered more thoughts.

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Advice for support crews

Niall's Notes on Supporting
Niall Dinwoodie’s 2006 Personal Notes on Supporting
Notes for Crews
Some very brief notes for GUCR Crews

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What went wrong?

Reports from those who didn't make it

Steve Hague's 2005 Report
How and why I failed – Stephen Hague – Runner 97
Thoughts from Keith Curwood
As a first timer [when he provided this] Keith Curwood offered these points so that others may learn from his mistakes.
Random Thoughts
Some 'random thoughts' from Mark Pierce who was a finisher in 2002, but thinks he may have learned more from pulling out in 2003.

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Links to other websites you may find useful

Running Clubs
Links to some UK running clubs
Other Ultras
Links to other Ultra Races both in the UK and abroad

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