Thoughts from Keith Curwood

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by Keith Curwood

Thoughts from Keith Curwood

As a first timer [when he provided this] Keith Curwood offered these points so that others may learn from his mistakes.

Take about three pairs of trainers and socks plus a towel to dry your feet. I only had one pair of each and once they got wet, I had painful blisters from about 30 miles onwards.

Bring a very warm coat. I just assumed that running would keep me warm throughout the night and brought just a flimsy zip-up mac.

Watch out between Buckby at 48 miles and Navigation at 70 miles. This stretch is very tough and very long and you will find that you reach Navigation Bridge in darkness and freezing cold. I still had only my vest and shorts and was shivering with cold. Make sure you take you r coat out of your bag at Buckby. [We have moved the Buckby check to Weedon to even up the distances between Birdingbury and Navigation Bridge.]

Take a loaf of white bread. As I felt physically sick and was sick from about 80 miles onwards you will not want to eat so if you can it would be best to keep chewing on some bread to keep you going.

Make sure you keep a small supply of sweets or biscuits on you at all times as your sugar levels will get low, I had to ask some guys on a passing boat to throw me some biscuits.

These are the main ones I can think of at the moment. As Simon said at the time "In the middle of a race is not the best time to learn these things."