GUCR 2014 will begin at 6am on 24th May

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by Dick Kearn

GUCR 2014 will begin at 6am on 24th May

The date for the Twentieth Grand Union Canal 145 mile race has been set. Intending entrants should email before 31st October to receive an entry form on 1st November. Click on blue heading for more

In the hope of getting 100 starters for the 20th anniversary race, I will accept 60 unsupported (tended by us) and 60 supported entries (with their own helpers) drawn from a hat on 8th November. There will be a further 30 "Golden Ticket" guaranteed places for those considered worthy. (They should know who they are!)

Please note that, although I am delighted that many competitors raise large sums for charity, luck of the draw decides who gets a place, not who has the most worthy cause. Therefore, I ask that you do not list your reason for applying, either in your email or on your form, because it weighs on my conscience. All that is required is a desire to "have a good bash at it".

Thank you for reading this far, Dick.