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by Dick Kearn

Canal Race News

New event and new Community Interest Company formed.

Canal Race News

Some may already be aware, but for those who haven’t heard, Keith Godden, Wayne Simpson and I have joined forces to form the Canal Race C.I.C. Now before anyone thinks that after all these years Old Dick’s gone commercial on us, I should explain that the Canal Race C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company – one that is registered with Companies House, but that cannot make itself or its officers, a profit. It must also benefit a community. In this case the beneficiary is listed as the Ultra Running Community.

It is our intention to continue staging races that are accessible to all abilities at, or as near as possible to, cost price. We aim to maintain the degree of fairness and value for money on which the reputations of GUCR, and more recently LLCR, are founded. Canal Race C.I.C. races will continue to be events for enthusiasts, organised by enthusiasts.

Recent experience has taught us that not everyone agrees with our simple principles. It may be that ultra-running has moved on, and that the modern community expects more than our low-key approach. Time will tell. For now, we are confident that old school style events can survive alongside, and hopefully complement, the new wave of ultra-distance races in the UK.

With the above in mind, we are pleased to announce that in 2017 we hope to hold a Three-canal Race Series comprising: GUCR, Birmingham to London Saturday 27th May; KACR, Bristol to London Friday 28th July; and LLCR Liverpool to Leeds Saturday 26th August. It is very early days in terms of our planning, but each race will still have its own results, with an overall result for the series. There will be #Canalslam trophies for the male and female winners and mementos for those who complete all three.

I wish Good Luck to all taking on this challenge, Dick.