Uncomfortable aspects of running

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by Penny Elliott

Uncomfortable aspects of running

A few personal tips from Penny Elliott on how to deal with some of the more uncomfortable aspects of running.

Strap feet before starting to cut down on blister area. Try to keep your feet dry. It works for me. Unfortunately in 2003 it rained during Saturday, so I got blisters on toes and under toes.

Have a spare pair for night and next day that are larger than your others because your feet will swell. It is also useful because if y ou do get blistered you will still be able to get shoes on.

Run a needle and short piece of cotton through the blister to drain it. Flatten the skin and cover with a blister plaster. [These work really well, but for them to stick properly the skin needs to be perfectly dry so pack some tissue or loo roll.]

To blot out the pain of blisters, take one Nurofen Liquid with a Paracetamol every eight hours.

To avoid swollen hands, I find it better for me to wear gloves. This time they didn't start to swell 'til 100 miles.

Last but not least you need someone like Ian! [Penny's husband - if you haven't guessed.]